Feedback on Illinois Audubon Magazine

The Illinois Audubon Society was incorporated on April 10, 1897, and since 1916 has communicated with members via a periodic magazine. All are welcome to provide input on the survey, however, some questions will relate specifically to the IAS magazine, which members receive quarterly (to join and receive a magazine, visit

As we enter our 120th year, IAS continues to work to provide quality, timely products for our members. Our latest endeavor is a revamp of our website. The first eight questions of this survey focus on that survey. We'd appreciate your ideas on how useful this site is, and what can be done to improve the site.

The last two questions relate specifically to the quarterly magazine, asking for input on how we're doing and the types of articles you would like to read in future editions.

Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to share your thoughts and ideas!

* 1. How easy was it to find information of interest to you on the site (100 being excellent)?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 2. After leaving the main home page, where was the FIRST place you went to on the site?

* 3. Did you type something into the search box to find it on the website?

* 4. While you were on the website did you:

* 5. What ONE question should we add to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

* 6. What kind of device did you use to visit the site?

* 7. Please rank the following aspects of the new website:

  Excellent Average Poor
Overall Content
Content Specific to your Region
Content Specific to your Birding Interest
Ease of Navigation

* 8. Please describe any content that is not on the website that you think we should offer.

* 9. What recent Illinois Audubon story was your favorite?

* 10. What topic would you like to see covered in a future issue?