Dear Colleagues:

The Department of Library and Information Science at Kuwait University is in the process of initiating a Ph D program in the field of information.   In this regard, your input will be helpful in our needs assessment, curriculum design, and other planning activities. We will appreciate it if you kindly provide your input by filling up the questionnaire.

Even if you are not thinking of registering for PhD at this stage, your input will be helpful for us. Please do fill up the attached questionnaire. Also, please forward this message (and the questionnaire) to other colleagues and friends who might be interested in enrolling a PhD program in Information  at Kuwait University.

Your assistance in the feasibility study for PhD program will be very much appreciated. If you have any questions with regard to the PhD program, please direct your questions/queries to Professor Sajad ur Rehman, Program Director at

* 1. If a PhD program becomes available at DLIS, in your view, what are the possibilities? Please mark all that apply.

* 2. Completion of PhD program will provide opportunities to the graduates in the following areas. Please mark all that apply.

* 3. In my view, a PhD program should have the following features. Please mark all that apply.

* 4. Students should be able to complete PhD as one of the options about duration:

* 5. PhD program should concentrate in the following areas of specializations:

* 6. The required coursework should be (please mark one):

* 7. PhD studies should have courses in the following areas:

* 8. PhD program should benefit from the following collaborations:

* 9. Department of Library and Information Science has the following capabilities needed for the conduct of PhD program. Please mark all that apply.

* 10. PhD program in information studies at Kuwait University will benefit from the following:

* 11. Please make additional comments on the topic, if you like to give input on other aspects.

* 12. Please provide the following demographic information about yourself: