* 1. A core review of all city services is needed.

* 2. City employee wages and benefits should be linked to the consumer price index.

* 3. Satisfaction with levels of taxation and service delivery levels.

* 4. Do you feel you get good value for the municipal taxes you currently pay?

* 5. Should the minutes of In-Camera meetings (secret) be revealed as soon as the reason for secrecy has passed?

* 6. Should surplus taxes be used to offset tax increases or put into a reserve account for future projects?

* 7. Should the city of Nanaimo apply seismic standards which are not required by the Canadian building code?

* 8. Taxes and user fees are currenlty budgeted to increase about 20% over the next five years. Do you feel those increases are sustainable and affordable?

* 9. The city of Nanaimo needs to make certain that water, sewer, roads, fire protection, police protection and sanitation are sustainably funded for the next ten years, before putting tax dollars into other projects or services currently being provided.