Are you a performer, do you have a tap show you are creating or a new piece of choreography you want to try out on stage or do have students working towards a performance? We are looking for you!

No restrictions and no entry fees. The only condition is that you book one class at the festival to ensure you gain the most from your experience.

The Future of Tap presented by Capezio® will take place on Monday 1st October at 6:30pm at Ministry of Dance Theatre (North Melbourne) as part of the renowned Australian Tap Dance Festival (

You will receive professional feedback and opportunity to be recognised under the following categories with prizes awarded from Capezio:
Faculty Choice - $500 Voucher
Audience Choice - $300 Voucher
Emerging artist – a pair of K360’s (or $250 voucher if 2 or more persons are in the winning act)

One performance will also be selected by the Festival Director to perform in the Australian Tap Dance Festival Gala on Saturday 6th October alongside the international faculty.

Registrations close June 30th, 2018. For further queries, email

* 1. Full Name

* 2. Email address:

* 3. Contact Phone Number: 

* 4. How many years have you been tap dancing?

* 5. Name of performer/s:

* 6. Please provide a link to a short video of your previous work (if available):

* 7. Please provide more information about the piece you would like to perform (title, what it has been created for, why you want to test it on a live audience and anything else you feel is important to share):