Welcome to CAIR-Florida's Survey

CAIR-Florida asks for your feedback. Please complete the following survey about your experience with U.S Customs and Border Protection.

Please note: This survey is for information gathering purposes only. If you are a victim of unconstitutional targeting by CBP and would like CAIR-FL’s legal assistance please contact us at 813-514-1414 or www.cairflorida.org

U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has for years been disproportionately targeting American Muslims, detaining them for hours without cause, asking them invasive questions about their religious beliefs and political views, and searching their electronics. Recently there has been an uptick in support by law makers, NGOs, and the media to challenge such unconstitutional and ineffective targeting.

But in order to do this we need to document such incidents. Please complete this form if:

1. You have been selected for secondary screening by CBP and you feel it is because of your religion. Or,

2. You have been asked about your religion or political views by CBP. Or,

3. CBP has searched your cell phone or other electronics or asked you about your social media.

4. You agree to let your information be used to generate a report of these issues.