Helping YOU Take Control of Administering Oral Medications

I am a graduate nursing student at the University of Minnesota, and I created this presentation for parents of children with cancer. It would be very helpful to me to receive feedback from you about this presentation. I am not asking for any information that could identify you, and your responses will be kept confidential. Only group information will be presented as part of this project. Your feedback will help me learn and improve the project. You may choose not to take part in the survey, and that is ok. Thank you for your consideration.

* 1. I am the parent/guardian of a child who is a pediatric oncology patient.

* 2. If yes, how long has it been since your child was diagnosed with cancer?

* 3. How useful was the presentation content?

* 4. How well do you understand the physical process of taking medications by

* 5. How willing are you to establish routines surrounding oral medication administration with your child?

* 6. How important do you think it is to have clear roles and responsibilities for oral medication administration?

* 7. How important do you feel it is to make medication-taking non-negotiable for your child?

* 8. How comfortable do you feel in asking for support from your oncology team regarding giving oral medications to your child?

* 9. How helpful was the presentation information in learning how to "take control" of oral medication administration with your child?

* 10. Would you recommend this presentation to other parents of pediatriconcology patients?

* 11. Please feel free to provide any additional comments and/or feedback below.