Purpose of Award:

Highlight research in the infrastructure asset management space, and encourage the next generation of asset managers to consider a career in the industry. Note, research topics outside of the list below are still encouraged to be submitted.

· Asset Management Fundamentals
· Asset Data & Information Management
· Decision-Making & Planning
· Natural Asset Management & Climate Change
· Organizations, People & Leadership
· Maintenance Management & Strategies Text
· Other topics related to Asset Management are welcome

A panel of judges will select the top three abstracts, and those students will be invited to present their work in person at the conference for cash prizes! Participating students will receive free conference registration and travel stipends will be provided based on need.
All qualifying abstracts outside of the top three will be considered for the normal conference technical stream.
For the first time, CNAM will be accepting paper submissions to be included in its inaugural conference proceedings. A paper for the peer-reviewed conference proceedings accompanying your presentation is welcome but not required to participate.
* Please note all presentations must be delivered in person at the conference.

Work to be judged based on the following:

Novelty – Is the research addressing a new problem? Is it proposing a novel solution to a known problem? Has this type of work been done before?

Practicality – Is the proposed approach practical to implement? Can it result in tangible improvements to the status quo?

Need – Is there need for this research? Is the problem that it is solving important to the asset management community?

Writing and Clarity – How well does the candidate communicate their area of research?

· Research conducted primarily by a student at any academic level.
· All presentations must be delivered in person at the conference.
· Willingness to present on any day of the conference (May 2 – 4)
· Applicants must hold a CNAM Student (available for free here) or Graduate Membership

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* 6. Abstract: Summarize your research including motivation for the work, key research objectives, methodology, and summary of key findings (max 500 words)