Dear Fellow AIC Fellow,

As a Fellow of AIC, you have attained the highest possible membership designation in our organization.  As such, you serve as a model for other members who desire to uphold our mission and serve by rising into leadership positions.  I hope that you are willing to lend your support to their endeavors.

At present, more and more Professional Associates (PA) qualify for election as Fellows, but the rate of applications has dropped off.  From responses to the recent membership designation survey, the decline seems to be partially due to a hesitancy, especially among PAs having a long history and high standing in the field, to ask for sponsors among their peers.  Unfortunately, it appears that this potential for awkwardness has led to a steady reduction in the number of Fellow nominations per year. 

In an effort to facilitate the application process and encourage more nominations, we have devised a means to gather sponsors for potential Fellows on their behalf.  On the following pages, please indicate those PAs who you would be willing to consider supporting for election by serving as a sponsor. By placing a checkmark after their names, you are showing that you believe, based upon what your know about their experience, education, knowledge, and commitment to professional status, that they would be suitable Fellow applicants. Please note that this does not replace your full endorsement of actual applications should you become a sponsor. 

We hope that you will help expedite the Fellow nomination process by encouraging your colleagues to apply.  By doing so, you will contribute to the evolution and growth of the profession and also promote an awareness of the meaning of Fellow status by allied organizations and the public.

Thank you,

Margaret Holben Ellis, Fellow