* 1. Munchkin Fun is diving into online class registration! How likely would you be to

  Extremely likely Very likely Somewhat likely Not very likely Not at all likely
Register for a class online
Pay for a class online
Browse online to find a new class
Refer a mom to a class online (via FB, email, etc)

* 2. How do you typically learn about new classes for your kids? (Mommy & me all the way through SAT tutoring)

  Almost always Sometimes Rarely Never
Word of mouth
Online search
Munchkin Fun
Magazine/print ad
Event expos/fairs

* 3. How important are the following when picking a class or activity for your child?

  Extremely important Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not at all important
Quality of program
Accessibility of staff
Ease of registration

* 4. How do you prefer to register for kids classes?

* 5. We're on Facebook, are you? How often do you use Facebook to:

  All the time Sometimes Rarely Never
Buy something
Get information about a class or event
Tell a friend about an event

* 7. How many classes does each child take each week? (Please include mommy & me, after school programs, tutoring, etc)

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4

* 8. Please tell us a bit about yourself