1. Welcome

Dear Credit reader,

In April, Credit magazine will publish its inaugural ranking of inter-dealer brokers.

We need your help to find out which are the best brokers for credit.

The survey should take only five minutes to complete.

The results will be published in the April edition of Credit. We will be sending a free copy of the issue to every person who completes the survey. So to ensure you receive your copy, please fill in your full mailing details on the next page.

We thank you for your help in assisting us with this important survey.

The deadline for responses is March 8th. The poll is open to all market participants actively trading with inter-dealer brokers as counterparties.

Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation.

Rob Davies
Credit Magazine

Please note: respondents should only vote in categories in which they are active, and should not vote for their own firm or subsidiary. Any attempts to manipulate the poll - for instance, by using fake email addresses or indiscriminately voting for a single firm across all categories - will lead to automatic disqualification of the entire vote.

All votes will be held in strictest confidence. No details of respondees will be published.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: rob.davies@creditmag.com