UU Church of Davis Immigration Justice Survey

Our church has been taking action on our congregational sanctuary vote by digging much deeper into Immigration Justice issues. The UUCD Board instituted an Immigration Justice Team to move our intentions into actions. As part of that team, I need your help so that we can communicate most effectively with you. Please answer the short survey below to help us connect you with activities you wish to engage in.

Thanks, Steve Burns

* 1. Would you like to get involved with rallies? (check all that apply)

* 2. If interested in attending rallies, please answer this question by checking all that apply. Otherwise skip to next question.

* 3. I am interested in Immigration legislation issues, and would be interested in the following. Please check all that apply. If not interested in legislation issues, skip to the next question

* 4. If you would like any communication from us on these topics, please tell us who you are! Just First and Last name is sufficient.

* 5. If the email this survey came to is not your preferred contact mode, please provide either another email address, or mobile number if you strongly prefer texts.

* 6. Please share any other ideas or questions here. Thanks for answering this survey!