Leeds has a vibrant and thriving third sector, which is currently facing significant opportunities. Third Sector Leeds, the strategic forum for voluntary, community and faith sector in the city, and is currently undergoing a restructure to ensure that it is more representative of the diverse third sector organisations in Leeds.Third Sector Leeds wants to be more transparent in how it operates and more effective in our voice and influence.

Following consultation and discussions with both the sector and with partners, Third Sector Leeds will have a membership consisting of Third Sector Organisations, Groups and Communities called "The Assembly", which organisations are being invited to join.

The membership of the Assembly will be open to any third sector organisation or network of organisations which is active in Leeds. The Assembly aims to ensure transparency and accountability in how the sector is led at a strategic level, and how it engages with partnership work in the city.

As part of joining The Assembly, you are requested to acknowledge and agree to work in principle within Third Sector Leeds's Vision, Mission and Values.

Definition of Terms and Description of the Third Sector in Leeds.

The third sector is a diverse, active and passionate sector in which organisations share common characteristics, that is, they are:

• non-governmental
• value-driven
• mainly reinvest any financial surpluses to further social, environmental or cultural objectives.

They may be an informal self-help group, a registered charity or community interest company often found providing support for local people.

The term encompasses voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises, charities, faith groups, cooperatives and mutuals both large and small.

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