Iroquois Falls Strategic Economic and Community Development Plan Study


We want YOUR opinions
Iroquois Falls needs a proactive strategic plan to guide future economic growth.  We are researching statistics and trends and want to balance that with what you would embrace as special potential opportunities in the area.  In the end, we want the plan to reflect the community and build on its strengths to differentiate it from the competition.   Survey responses will only be shared collectively – you will not be identified individually.

Please help us create YOUR plan.

* Are you a resident of Iroquois Falls?

* If you are an Iroquois Falls' resident, how many years have you lived here?

* Do you work at or operate an Iroquois Falls' business, farm, or organization?

* If yes, in what sector do you, or did you, work?

* What core community values does Iroquois Falls embrace - or would you like it to embrace? (e.g. community, rural life, etc.)

* What is your general Vision for Iroquois Falls in the next five years - what words come to mind?

* Please suggest 3 of Iroquois Falls' strengths or special features.

* How would you suggest the community use these strengths or attractions?

* What do you think are 3 of Iroquois Falls' weaknesses?

* How do you suggest the community overcome these weaknesses?

* How is Iroquois Falls different from other communities near Timmins?

* Please list realistic economic development projects you think would help strengthen and diversify Iroquois Falls' economy over the next five years?

* Please list opportunities you envision for Iroquois Falls in any area below.

* Please specify your top 3 key economic development goals or opportunities you want Iroquois Falls to develop.

* We appreciate your input! If you would like to provide information directly, please call EDP Consulting: Linda Wilson, Associate at 705-499-2103.

Please feel free to add any additional comments below.