Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

MIDA is currently embarking on an initiative to construct an investment coordination platform for Malaysian Companies in particular, to explore, connect and forge synergistic business opportunities.

In order to effectively establish this investment coordination platform, MIDA seeks your valued time to complete this survey. This survey serves to gauge the level of your company’s interest in executing corporate exercises as a means to raise funds to propel expansionary growth aspirations.
Your response to this survey is crucial in providing the necessary information for MIDA to further formulate the effectiveness of the investment coordination platform, which would ultimately serve to provide your company with a variety of business opportunities in a more targeted and coherent manner.

All responses provided to MIDA, including any personal information you provide, will be treated and kept strictly confidential. Your inputs will be used by MIDA for the purpose of this survey and to further enhance our services for this initiative.
Your response and time to complete this survey is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)