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Aberdeenshire Council are consulting on new primary catchment areas for the three primary schools in Inverurie.   The catchment areas or zones determine which school a pupil should attend, based upon where they live. 

In 2017, the new Uryside School opened to replace Inverurie Market Place School.  When the new school was planned it was felt appropriate to keep the existing catchment area and review once the school was operational and potential trends could be established.

The rising pupil numbers at both Kellands and Strathburn, along with the opening of Uryside School has prompted the need for a review of the catchment areas. 

The purpose of this rezoning exercise is to change the catchment areas of the three primary schools in Inverurie so that current pupils and future pupils can be educated in school buildings with sufficient space.

All existing primary school pupils should continue their education at their current school.  If the proposals are implemented any siblings of current pupils would be able to attend the same school.

The changes would be introduced from August 2020 if they are agreed, and we would want to make a decision on the changes by January 2020 so that parents know which school would be their zoned school for the new P1 admissions in January 2020.

On the next few pages are maps of the current catchment areas.  There are also maps of the options we have developed.

There is also a space for you to tell us if you think either option for each school is correct and if not, what else we should have considered.  

We would appreciate your feedback on our rezoning proposals.

Below is a table to show the recommended number of pupils for each school (school capacity) and the forecast roll based on the current catchments and plans for new housing. The school roll forecast information included in the table is based on the September 2018 census data and up to date housing land audit data. These figures are working data and differ from the published 2018 School Roll Forecasts, which can be found on the Aberdeenshire Council website at the following web address:

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Table 1
Current School Roll Forecast - Inverurie Primary Schools

Table 1 <br>Current School Roll Forecast - Inverurie Primary Schools
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