* 1. Please think how you learned this section. What did you find to be helpful? Please tick all that apply.

* 2. Please list the top 5 concepts that you learned in this module.For example, your 4th choice may be: "vorticity is twice the rotation vector of a packet of fluid."

* 3. What concepts pose(d) difficulties for you? Please discuss, and also how you solved the difficulty if you did.

* 4. Explain as to a 6th grader the 4 basic types of fluid motion

* 5. Explain as to a 4th grader (or professor) two different types of fluid motion that lead to lift generation, and how the Kutta-Jowkowsky theorem allows you to calculate lift per unit span in low-speed flow.

* 6. Explain how fluids are different from solids

* 7. How many atoms of nitrogen are present in a cubic meter of air at 20,000 meters altitude in the International Standard Atmosphere?

Repeat for 100,000m.

* 8. Why does shear cause rotation in a flow?