1. Conference 2010 evaluation

* 1. Name

* 2. Email address

* 3. Who do you represent?

* 4. Are you under 26 years of age?

* 5. How do you rate the conference overall?

* 6. How well has Sail Training International met the conference goals...

  Very well Well Poorly Not at all
to provide the sail training community with a great opportunity to network with each other.
to deliver a conference programme that informs, educates and entertains and is judged by delegates as valuable.
to leave the impression that Sail Training International's goals are aligned to the best interests of sail training operators and host ports.

* 7. What did you find most interesting/useful about the conference?

* 8. What topics would you like to see included in next year's conference?

* 9. What other changes/improvements do you suggest for next year?

* 10. What would make attending the 2011 conference attractive to you?