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In Spring 2010, ISS will be launching an International Community Directory for the New School. If you speak another language, have research interest in a specific country or region, have visited a country or countries extensively, are a member of an immigrant community to the US and would be willing to share your expertise with others, or help us to translate in an emergency, etc. please sign up. The information here provided will be available to all the members of The New School community through the ISS portal.

* 1. Name

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* 4. Phone number (optional)

* 5. School

* 6. Degree

* 7. Languages Spoken

* 8. Country, countries or regions of expertise:

* 9. Country, countries or regions in which you have interest:

* 10. Are you a member of an immigrant community?

* 11. What are your research interests?

* 12. What are your research areas?