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50% of survey complete.

Thank you for participating with the 2017 InterLink Annual North Central Texas Region Labor Market Survey.

Since 1987, this survey has been used by education decision makers in the 16 county Dallas/Fort Worth Region, as a guide to implement future high school and community college Career and Technical programs to develop skills and knowledge for the occupations you identify to be in high demand. We are interested in all occupations including those that require advanced degrees as it provides students information on how they will need to prepare for future careers.

The information you provide is treated as confidential and company names are not reported.  Responses will be reported in aggregate. Respondents who complete the survey will receive the survey report by email.

About the survey:
- The survey will close on April 7, 2017
- The average time to complete the ten question survey is 12 minutes.
- Questions #3 & #4 are designed to get the same results and you may respond to either or both. Q3 lists the most often mentioned occupations in past surveys and you may insert the number you need.  Q4 allows you to write in the occupations by name and number needed.  Do not double count an occupation by listing it in both places. We have found that participants like both methods. 
- Of note:  Please report the number of people you project to need for an occupation.  If no number is provided, it inhibits us from understanding the demand to determine how that occupation stacks up against other occupational needs. 

Thank you for your participation! Feel free to share the survey link with others who would have an interest in preparing their future workforce.

Candy Slocum, Executive Director, InterLink
An affiliate of the North Texas Commission