Welcome to the VCU Academic Advising Pre-Registration Intake Form. 
You will need the following items to begin this survey:
  1. Your math placement test score. All students are required to take the VCU math placement test even if you already have AP/dual enrollment credit. If you have not yet completed the on-line math placement test, please click here to complete the placement test. The math placement test takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete.
  2. Your Chemistry Placement test score (required only for students who are majoring in a science, engineering, or health related major).  If you have not yet completed the on-line chemistry placement test, please click here to complete the placement test. 
  3. Your dual enrollment/AP/IB information (if applicable)
This survey will take 60 minutes to complete, and it has two components: 
  1. Pre-registration information - questions about subjects you like, whether you want to change your major, career information, AP/IB/Dual Enrollment courses you have already completed, etc. 
  2. College Student Inventory - questions about your mindset, receptivity to support, academic motivations.  
But please note, you must complete this survey in one sitting - you cannot save it and come back to complete at a later time.

We will be using the information you provide in this survey to build your class schedule, so it is important for you to take your time and thoroughly read through all of the questions. 
NOTE:  We kindly ask that if you are a parent filling this survey out on behalf of your student - STOP - and please have your student complete this survey.  There are very important questions in this survey that we need the student's honest answers to (from their eyes) - in order to help our advising teams build academic schedules most suitable for your student.
If at any time you have a question completing this survey, please send an email to or call University Academic Advising at (804) 827-8648.

Question Title

* 1. I have my placement exams finished and my scores in-hand, so I am ready to complete the survey!