Welcome to the SCA Instructor Self-Assessment Tool!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a trainer in the new SCA.

When SCAE and SCAA members voted to unify the organizations into one unified SCA, one of the most frequent benefits cited was a unified education program. Through the direction of leadership volunteers and SCA staff, the unified SCA program is being introduced in a multi-phase process during 2017.

As an instructor or aspiring instructor, we know that you want to continue your education journey to both learn and to teach without interruption. Based on requirements you have already earned, this Self-Assessment will determine your eligibility for transition into the SCA system and give you specific steps that you will need to complete in 2017 to maintain your current status or "level up" to the next tier.

SCA trainers will be called "Authorized SCA Trainers" or ASTs, and will have the opportunity to teach the SCA education curriculum independently. ASTs have completed several requirements for content (Certificates earned), instructor training, and licensing. All heritage SCAA trainers are encouraged to review their SCAA online profile to ensure accuracy – please note that some activities such as station instructing or curriculum design are not tracked automatically in the database so it is possible for profiles to be incomplete. Certificates earned (not individual classes) in the heritage SCAA system by the end of 2017 will transfer into the SCA system. Don't be humble! Be sure that your profile is up to date with all of your achievements from the SCAA system.

This Self-Assessment will help you to make informed decisions on your next steps and what will be required for you to become an SCA AST. This is a very short survey (fewer than 10 questions) and you should be able to complete it in under 5 minutes. You may want to take a screen shot of your final confirmation page, for your ongoing reference. As everyone's situation is a little different, there is no one-size solution for instructors to transition to become SCA AST's but this Self-Assessment will help you find your custom path.

If you still have questions after the Self-Assessment is complete, there will be a place for you to submit them at the end of the survey. Please note that survey responses cannot be edited once they are submitted. If you feel you have made a mistake, please take the survey again.

Thank you for your support of our education system!

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