Dear Instructional Technology Showcase Applicant,

Please enter a brief description of the project you would like to showcase which highlights the integration of technology in your classroom. If your class is selected you will be asked to submit a brief video for publication on the Idaho State Department of Education website.

We are excited to hear how you are using technology to facilitate learning at your school and in your classroom!

With Warm Regards,

Carol Scholz
Digital Content Coordinator
Idaho State Department of Education

* 1. Please enter your demographic information. All responses will be kept confidential and reported with demographic information removed. No identifying information or individual responses will be released to any individual administrator, school, district or SDE personnel. The information gathered will be presented in a report format with responses aggregated together.

* 2. In this box describe the technology in use including software, web resources and hardware.

* 3. In this box explain how you use technology described above to facilitate learning and achievement, deliver project based experiential learning opportunities and to differentiate instruction.