This questionnaire is a follow up to a research study conducted by Dr. Darla K. Deardorff ten years ago which was published in 2006 in The Journal of Studies in International Education ("Identification and Assessment of Intercultural Competence as a Student Outcome of Internationalization")as well as in other publications since then (see for a summary). This survey should be completed by one respondent from your institution, preferably a senior leader in internationalization efforts. Results from this questionnaire will be reported in a variety of ways, including a summary of results sent to respondents. Thank you in advance for your time in completing this short questionnaire by November 22, 2013.

NOTE: Other similar terms may be used for intercultural competence, including global competence, global learning, global citizenship, cultural intelligence, etc. If your institution is addressing a similar concept, regardless of terminology, please complete the questions based on this.

* 1. How important is intercultural competence as a desired student outcome of internationalization strategies at your institution?

* 2. Has intercultural competence been specifically identified as a student learning outcome of internationalization at your institution?

* 3. What specific terminology is used by your institution for the concept of "intercultural competence?"

* 4. How is intercultural competence defined at your institution? Please be as specific as possible in the definition. (If this concept has not been defined at your institution, please note that below.)

* 5. Upon what is this definition based?

* 6. In what specific ways is your institution addressing the development of intercultural competence (for students, staff, faculty)? Please list below (you may wish to provide URLs etc).

* 7. Is your institution currently assessing/measuring students' intercultural competence?

* 8. Does an assessment plan exist for assessing intercultural competence at your institution?

* 9. If your institution is assessing intercultural competence, what specific tools/methods does your institution utilize in measuring students' intercultural competence? Please mark all measures currently in use.

* 10. Other comments on intercultural competence assessment at your institution:

* 11. Background Information: Please mark all that are applicable about your institution:

* 12. Institutional title/position of person completing this questionnaire

* 13. Name of your institution

* 14. If you wish to receive a summary of results of this questionnaire, please provide an email address: