I’m writing a book, 'Insights on Impact Innovators', that will capture, curate and scale a broad range of time-tested collective wisdom across the startup and corporate innovation ecosystems to identify the essential attitudes, behaviors, capabilities, traits and values of Impact Innovators, with illuminating insightful stories from innovation experts like you.  As an expert in the innovation and entrepreneur ecosystems, I invite you to be a part of this book by sharing your wisdom and experience in a short survey.  When ‘Insights on Impact Innovators’ is published, everyone who completes the survey will get a complimentary e-book.

A starting point definition of an ‘Impact Innovator’ is an entrepreneur or corporate or not-for-profit intrapreneur who has a higher success impact in identifying, building and introducing new products or services that break new ground and make a meaningful economic, industrial or societal impact. My hope is that this book with your insights will refine what an Impact Innovator is and inspires current and future Impact Innovators and collaborators in the innovation ecosystem. 

Here’s why this book will add value to our innovation ecosystem. Most industries are innovating at a faster pace than ever because the needs and opportunities are greater than ever. The pace and pressure to produce competitive impactful innovation will accelerate with the abundance and convergence of new tech becoming a reality. Innovation is necessary to energize global market economies, create wealth, and change the world for the better. Innovation is tough work. Technology by itself will not yield commercialized innovation. It takes people with the right ingredients to bring the innovation and business model to life. No doubt, there are specific attitudes, behaviors, capabilities, traits, and values needed for different types of innovation in different industries and use cases. But, are there time-tested essential characteristics needed to be an Impact Innovator? This book is on a mission to find answers to this question with your input and stories. 

To emphasize the importance of identifying the people with the right stuff, I share this quote that a prominent Silicon Valley VC Managing Partner told me: 'When Partners make funding decisions between investment options, we don’t make our final decision based on the technology, IP or business model alone. It always comes down to investing in the founder and founding team that have the right and relevant combination of traits, values and capabilities that are time-tested must haves to succeed in the difficult journey of starting a venture. It's a people decision … not a tech decision. The original startup idea inevitably pivots. The founder and their team, not the idea, will determine the success of the company’. 

I invite you to click the button below to take the short survey.  Thank you for sharing your ‘impact insider’ innovation wisdom with our fellow innovators!  Steve

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