Inner Transition Conversation


Welcome to this space for Inner Transition. As you know Transition is made of stories and experiences of people like you and me, and we would love to hear more of the stories that Inner Transitioners have to tell.

There is so much being done and so many possibilities for strengthening our work together. Our aim in this questionnaire is to find out what you're all doing, and then share this information. We're hoping to gather resources that can be added to the Transition Network website, to write about the findings so we can all learn from each other, and possibly to organise some networking meetings if that's something you think would be useful.

We know this online questionnaire is not as warming as it would be to sit for a chat together, but it is how we can afford to do it for now. Meanwhile, here’s a suggestion: get your homemade cake, herbal (local) tea, make yourself comfortable and we'll go through this together…

Question Title

* 1. Transition Initiative:
Name of the town or area of your Transition Initiative

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* 2. Name of your group:
e.g. Heart and Soul, Spirit of Transition etc

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* 3. What is your role in Inner Transition group?

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* 4. Is your group still meeting? If not, tick the No box, and you'll be asked to give some information how the group came to a stop. We'd still like to hear about who was in your group and what you did together!