Injuries at Children's level

We are hoping to gather some information from anyone who sustained an injury whilst racing at Children's level. For some of you this may be some time ago!

Children's level basically means under 15, or racing in the former Children1 and Children 2 categories. We are interested in all racers - at whatever level you raced. The survey will be managed by Snowsport England (many thanks to them), but should be completed by racers from all of the Home Nations, and all British registered ski racers in the UK and abroad. Medical details will be treated in confidence. Dr Jenny Shute (GBR Representative to the FIS Medical Committee) will be responsible to coordinating the results.

We are interested in the nature of the injury, the mechanism of how it happened (and maybe details of the conditions and of your equipment, if you can remember). We are also very interested in how long it kept you out of the sport, and in your recovery. Minor injuries are of interest, as well as the ones which kept you off snow for longer.

We are also interested in knowing if you came through unscathed!

If you sustained more than one injury, please complete this survey more than once - it will help us build up a more complete picture of the injury profiles and patterns. We hope that the information you provide will help us to improve safety in the future.

* 2. How old were you?

* 3. Was your injury on?

* 4. At what age did you start skiing?

* 5. At what age did you start racing?

* 6. Were you actively participating in other sports during your racing career at children's level?

* 7. Carving skis?

* 8. What discipline did your injury occur in?

  Slalom GS SuperG

* 9. Did you get transported off the hill?

* 10. Where on your body was the injury located?

* 11. If the injury was to your knee/leg, can you remember if your ski came off?

* 12. Did you need surgery?

* 13. Can you remember any details that may indicate the mechanism of the injury?

* 14. Any injuries caused by course equipment, eg gates/flags/safety netting?

* 15. Any Injuries caused by personal equipment, eg ski poles, goggles, glasses? Other?

* 16. Can you remember any details of the snow conditions?

* 17. How long did the injury keep you away from training and racing?

* 18. If you suffered a head injury / concussion, were you?

* 19. Have you suffered from back pain at any time during or since racing as a child?

* 20. Has an injury that you sustained as a child affected later racing/training as a junior/senior?

* 21. Has an injury sustained as a child had any long term consequences that have affected your life as a whole?

* 22. Would you be willing to answer more questions regarding your injury?

* 23. Do you have reason to believe that any on-going medical conditions may be related to your ski racing? Perhaps knee problems, or back problems? Anything else? Please give full details in the box below.

* 24. Any further comments or information?

Thank you for completing this survey, your responses are very much appreciated. Please dont forget to save your completed survey. Snowsport England.