Anti Oppression Series: Event 2, 2019

In an effort to make events as accessible as possible, we request that you avoid wearing scents to this gathering.  There are ramp and stair options to enter the space. Non-gendered bathrooms are available on site.
The Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community and the Consortium’s Home and Community Connections program are continuing the 2019 Anti-Oppression Series.

This event will be held on August 14th, 2019 from 430pm to 730pm at DeCice Hall at the Marian Center, 1365 Northampton St, Holyoke.

Description: Please join us as we come together to honor the voices and experiences of Indigenous people. We will be screening the film ‘Injunuity’ and will have a panel discussion to follow. The focus of the evening will be to foster a positive awareness of Indigenous people and  shed light on some of the realities surrounding their communities and struggles.

The film: 
Injunuity is a mix of animation, music, and real thoughts from real people exploring our world from the Native American perspective. Every word spoken is verbatim, every thought and opinion is real, told in nine short pieces and covering such topics as language preservation, sacred sites, and the environment. But rather than simply revisit our history, the goal of Injunuity is to help define our future, to try and figure out the path that lies before us, to focus on where we are going as well as where we have been.

The Panelists:
We will be joined by Merry Poe (Sistrax̂, Elder and Unangax̂ culture bearer), and Sito A. (drum keeper, activist of the Mexica nation).


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