* 1. Would you like to prevent parking meters on-street downtown?

* 2. Would you like to eliminate 2 hour parking on-street downtown?

* 3. Should the city be required to fund sufficient parking enforcement to prevent employees from illegally parking on-street?

* 4. Should the City continue to pay parking enforcement expenses from the general fund?

* 5. Would you support a $1 fee each time a customer/employee uses the parking garages?

* 6. Would you like to limit Downtown Parking Tax increases to the Portland CPI with an annual maximum of 2%.

* 7. Would you support re-vamping the way the current parking tax is levied downtown?

* 8. Would you like to prohibit the City from using Parking Tax income to pay expenses for the downtown parking garages?

* 9. Would you support a business "loading/unloading permit" and eliminate dedicated on-street loading zones?

* 10. Are there enough dedicated handicap spaces downtown?

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