We are excited about your arrival at UAFS!!!
Please complete this arrival information so that we can meet you at the Fort Smith airport.
It takes about 10 minutes from the airport to the campus.

* 1. Your Information

* 2. About your visa

* 3. Are you an exchange student?

* 4. About you

  Yes No
(1) Is this your first visit to the USA?
(2) Do you have a Facebook account?
(3) Do you smoke? (UAFS is a smoke free campus. Smoking is not allowed on campus.)
(4) Will you bring a credit card with you?
(5) Will you bring a tablet computer with you?
(6) Will you bring a laptop computer with you?
(7) Do you have a family or a friend in the USA?
(8) Do you have a bank account in the USA?
(9) Do you feel comfortable speaking English?
(10) Have you joined the UAFS international student Facebook page?
August 9-12: Students arrive at UAFS.
1) UAFS Housing will NOT be available for students on/before August 9, 2014.
2) UAFS Office of International Relations is not responsible for extra nights of housing if the student decides to arrive early.
3) The earliest the student can arrive in the US is 30 days before the semester start date by US Immigration regulation.
4) Students cannot arrive in the USA with a tourist visa and change status to a Student Visa (J1). If arriving in the USA with a tourist visa, the student will not be allowed to take UAFS classes.

August 13: UAFS Campus Tour and Mandatory Immigration and Academic Orientation
1) Participating in Immigration and Academic Orientation is required by US Immigration regulations.
2) Students will not be allowed to attend UAFS classes and activities if absent from mandatory orientation.
3) Details of the orientation will be published in late July.

* 5. Where is your port of entry? (Name of the first airport in the USA)

* 6. What is the date of your arrival at the Fort Smith airport? (MM/DD/YYYY)

* 7. What is your time of arrival to Fort Smith Airport?

* 8. Cell phone number to contact you while you are traveling to Fort Smith. (if applicable)

* 9. What is your concern about living in the USA?

  (1) Not concerned at all (2) Concerned a little (3) Neutral (4) Somewhat concerned (5) Very concerned
Making friends
Dining and cooking
Custom adjustments

* 10. Any comments or questions?

Please send your flight itinerary and booking information to international@uafs.edu before July 15, 2014.
1)The UAFS International Office will monitor your flight to Fort Smith. Please do not worry when your flight is delayed or canceled. One of our staff,as well as local volunteers, will greet you at the airport.
2) Please join the UAFS International Student Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/UAFSinternationalStudents/

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Have a safe flight!