Dear InfraGard Member,

Education and training have been a core mission of InfraGard since its inception, and continues to be a critical activity of its 77 InfraGard Member Alliances (IMAs). In September 2017, the InfraGard National Board of Directors recognized a need to increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of education and training provided through InfraGard, and began development of “InfraGard University” (InfraGardU).

InfraGardU will become a world-class online curriculum repository of education and training programs that covers virtually every aspect of critical infrastructure protection, across cyber security, physical security, and insider threats, available to all 68,000+ InfraGard members.

We’ve completed initial planning and a proof-of-concept phase, and we are now ready to launch a formal training needs assessment survey to help us to:

1.       Understand current gaps in infrastructure protection training;

2.       Develop priorities for the rollout of courses in specific subject areas; and

3.       Shape the length, format, and delivery platforms for the training to be delivered.

This survey is very important, and your responses will influence InfraGardU development and rollout, so please set aside 10-15 minutes of your time to thoroughly complete this survey.

The results of this survey are confidential and will only be used for the purpose of developing InfraGardU content and for designing the training course formats and lengths - no personally identifiable information will be retained.

For questions about this survey, please email our Chuck Georgo at the email address below.

Thank you,

Gary Gardner
Chairman, InfraGard National

Chuck Georgo
Board Director, InfraGard National