11 Questions to Help InfoQ Serve You

As an InfoQ member, we have a small favour to ask of you; we’re trying to learn more about our members and we have a survey with 11 questions on it to help us in our content, redesign, and business efforts. We’re interested in how you use the site, what type of content you find interesting, and more about your background.

This survey is anonymous and your replies will be kept confidential.

Would you help us by answering 11 questions?


The InfoQ Team

* 1. Which of InfoQ's queues do you actively follow?

* 2. What languages have you programmed with in the past year?

* 3. What Frameworks/Technologies have you worked with in the past year?

* 4. What Operating Systems are you using for development or deployment?

* 5. Which Agile-related practices do you use during development?

* 6. Are you planning or implementing either of these Cloud Computing options?

  Not Planning Planning Implementing Now

* 7. What size company do you work for?

* 8. Do you supervise others in your organization?

* 9. For the QCon conference, which is put on annually by InfoQ in London, San Francisco, Beijing and Tokyo, which of the following statements is the most accurate?

* 10. How many times/month on average do you forward a link to InfoQ content to others?

* 11. What's one thing you wish InfoQ had (content, feature or otherwise)?

* 12. In case we have questions about any of your replies, is there an email address we can contact you at?