14 Questions to Help InfoQ Serve You Better - Win Video Early Access to QCon SF 2017

We have a small favor to ask of you as we’re trying to learn more about our members and their interests. We also want to identify trends in the industry and share them with you.

Would you help us by answering 14 questions? It won’t take more than 5 minutes, and as a reward for your effort you can win one of the 25 codes that provide early access to sessions presented at QCon San Francisco 2017 - these enable you to watch videos of the presentations before they are publicly released.

This survey is anonymous and your replies will be kept confidential.

The InfoQ Team

* 1. Which of the following technologies are you currently using or planning to use at your company?

  Currently using Plan to use in 3 to 6 months Plan to use in 6 to 12 months Plan to use in > 12 months Not planning to use
Machine Learning/AI
Reactive Programming

* 2. From where do you get information about emerging technologies?

* 3. If using a technology/library/framework for the first time on a project how do you decide which to use?

* 4. In what areas are you facing the biggest technical challenges? What are your top 3 challenges?

* 5. What are you interested in learning more about on InfoQ?

* 6. Which of the following "personas" do you strongly identify with? (One choice)

* 7. How do you usually consume content on InfoQ? (maximum 2 choices)

* 8. How many employees work at your company?

* 9. Do you supervise others in your organization? (One choice)

* 10. Which of the following statements are true about you?

* 11. How often do you visit InfoQ?

* 12. What keeps you coming back to InfoQ? 

* 13. Can we use the quotes that you have provided above in our marketing collateral (eg. testimonials on the site) ?

* 14. For a chance to view the talks from QCon San Francisco, hours after they were filmed, please provide your email address.