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International Social Science Survey
- Academic, scientific, unbiased
- Director: Professor Jonathan Kelley

International Social Science Survey<br>- Academic, scientific, unbiased<br>- Director: Professor Jonathan Kelley
This survey is mainly about inequality and redistribution. We will explain everything carefully, but it is a hard survey and a long one, no doubt about that.  

Your answers would be a real help to science. This is serious academic research and we are serious academics who are analyzing it.

This is also a very interesting survey:
>> Two-thirds of those taking it so far (over 1,000) said they "definitely" or "mostly" enjoyed it. 
>> One-third want us to email them brief reports summarizing the results (we will do that).
>> Two-thirds would be willing to do a follow-up survey three or four months from now (we will ask them!)

But be warned that this is a hard survey, it takes a lot of thinking. We need your opinion, your best guess.

It is also a long survey. On average it takes 44 minutes (the fastest ten percent finished in 27 minutes). 

If you are willing to help, we would love to hear from you – your views are important!
>> Enjoy the survey. And thank you very much for helping!

The ISSS is a nation-wide survey conducted by academic researchers. It is devoted to academic research in sociology, economics, and public policy. It is non profit and is not connected with any business, political party, or lobby group.

The ISSS was founded in 1984. We were originally at the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University and are now in the US and the EU as well. This is our 20th large national survey. The principal  investigator is Professor Jonathan Kelley


It documents who we are – serious, widely published social scientists pursuing a long established research program on inequality.

Professor Jonathan Kelley:

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Publications: 5 books, about 200 published articles and chapters.
Cited in the academic literature 6000+  times.

Some recent publications:
>> "The New Income Inequality and Well-Being Paradigm" Social Science Research, 2017
>> "Strong Welfare States ...Public Opinion in 30 Countries" , Societies, 2018

>> "Rising Income Inequality During the Great Recession in Europe."  Journal of Happiness Studies, 2017
>> "Prejudice, Exclusion and Economic Disadvantage: A Theory."  Sociological Theory, 2015
>> "Communism, Capitalism, and Images of Class" Cross-cultural Research, 2016
>>  "Societal Income Inequality and Individual Subjective Well-Being" Social Science Research, 2017
>> "Education Legitimates Income Inequality: Normative Beliefs." Polish Sociological Review, 2017
>> “Family Background and Education: China."  Comparative Sociology, 2016
>> "Human Gains and Losses from Global Warming" Social Indicators Research. 2017
>> "Scholarly Culture and Occupational Success in 31 Societies." Comparative Sociology, 2015
>> "Scholarly culture ... and adult technology skills", Social Science Research, 2018

>> "Identifying the Best Times for Cognitive Functioning: University Times & Student Chronotypes." Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2017.

For further details and copies of our publications, search for "Jonathan Kelley" or "M. D. R. Evans"  or "Krzysztof Zagorski" or "Joanna Sikora"  or "Paul Kelley" on Google Scholar.

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>> If you are helping us to TEST THE SURVEY (thanks!) or JUST VISITING (welcome!):  You can answer the survey while pretending to be someone else if you want to, playing a role instead of giving your own views.