1. Instructions

What we do
We work with teachers to identify kids who have clear potential to succeed in our E-reading program. We loan them tablets and give them access to e-books that are interesting to them. We provide clear goals and positive incentives to encourage them to read more. We measure the reading behaviour and reading achievement of students before they enter the program and again after 12 weeks. If the evidence shows that the student has made good progress, then the tablet is given to them as a reward.

Key points
IRP is selective. We accept students who have the potential to complete the project successfully. Those with a reading age that is less than 6 years of age are not eligible to apply. IRP rewards effort and achievement. Only students with a measurable improvement in their reading receive tablets to keep. IRP requires engagement and cooperation from the student's teacher and parent/s. This will include providing consent for the student to participate in the project, encouraging the student to read regularly, and monitoring and providing performance information back to us. IRP expects our loaned tablets to be cared for properly. Tablets have 1 Year Limited Warranty. However, this does not cover accident, misuse, neglect, fire or theft or damage. If any of these occur while the tablet is on loan, then the parent /carer of the student will be responsible for meeting the full replacement costs of the tablet to IRP.

Our selection process
Our selection process has three steps: determining eligibility, submitting an application; and our assessment of applications. Answers to questions 1 to 4 determine eligibility. If your student is eligible, then the full form is completed and submitted to us. IRP will assess each application. We may require further information and will contact the parent or teacher of the student as needed. When our assessment is completed, we will advise the teacher of the outcome as soon as possible.

Who can submit an application?
Classroom teachers who are responsible for providing reading instruction to eligible students can apply. Teachers must prepare the application with parents and students.

How many applications can I submit?
There is no limit to the number of applications a teacher can submit.

Teacher workload
Please note that participating in this program requires your active engagement. Teachers, this will mean some additional work for you. We aim to keep this to a minimum. If you are concerned about having to take on extra work, then we recommend that you do not apply.

Tips for success
The application process is very competitive. For example, in 2016 there were almost 1500 applications for only 200 places. The way to maximise your chance of success is by observing these three tips. Firstly, provide answers to all of the questions. Secondly, your answers should be as accurate and realistic. Finally, you should pay particular attention to your response to question 24.

Question 24
Question 24 is the most crucial question in the application process. A considered answer providing information about the individual student is essential.

IRP only uses the information provided to us in this application to select students for our E-reading Program. IRP is committed to complying with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). This application process involves us collecting contact information about students, their teachers and parents. We also ask for information about the reading ability of students. We only use this information to conduct our activities and deliver our program.

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