We need people from the Indigenous community to help lead and facilitate activities, programs and/or services families have asked for in St. Thomas-Elgin as part of the Journey Together project.

It is vitally important that all activities, programs and services we bring to the community are requested and led by members of the Indigenous community. Each type of activity, program or service our Indigenous leaders would like to participate in will be a bit different. Some may be a volunteer position (for example we have a volunteer helping now with project posters).

The majority of the project programs, services or activities will be paid. Also, the grant application will include a part-time Indigenous Project Coordinator, which would be advertised as a part-time job if the grant application is successful.
Any out of pocket expenses such as travel or materials will also be paid. Each contributor will have a one-on-one sharing session with the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin project team to make sure they are being honoured for their time in a way that is best for each person.

We are looking for people who would like to become Indigenous leaders across many areas such as Aboriginal culture and celebration, storytelling, teaching traditional foods/cooking, art activities for different ages groups and more!!

We want to make sure that the grant application are voices from people in our Indigenous community across St. Thomas-Elgin. If you are of Indigenous ancestry and either live or work in St. Thomas but haven't completed our Community Feedback Form, please tap or click here  and have your voice added today. Once you are done pop back here to tell us about how you may like to participate as we continue to grow!

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1. Are you First Nations, Metis, or Inuit? OR are you of Indigenous ancestry?

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2. Do you currently live or work in St. Thomas-Elgin? (St. Thomas-Elgin includes The city of St. Thomas, the town of Aylmer, municipalities of Central, West Elgin, Bayham, and Dutton/Dunwich, along with townships Malahide & Southwold)

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3. If you said you were of Indigenous ancestry AND you currently live or work in St. Thomas-Elgin would you consider filling out the Community Feedback Form?

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4. Would you be interested in helping create or lead any of the following?

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5. Please tell us more about what you would like to do as an Indigenous leader in the St. Thomas-Elgin area.

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6. If you said you were interested in helping create or lead activities, programs or services in St. Thomas-Elgin, what is the best way to contact you?

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