* 1. Please tell us about the trip you are rating:

* 2. What factors played a part in choosing Indian Trails service for this trip? (check all that apply)

* 3. How often has your group used Indian Trails Charters?

* 4. How did you hear about Indian Trails? (select one)

* 5. Please rate your initial call to Indian Trails

* 6. Did your coach report for boarding at the correct time and place?

* 7. Please rate your trip in terms of:

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Cleanliness of motorcoach
Comfort of motorcoach
All amenities (lights, heating/cooling, PA system, etc.) in working order
Friendliness of driver
Driver handling of motorcoach safely and smoothly
Driver well-prepared and knowledgeable of correct route

* 8. Did you arrive at your destination in sufficient time?

* 9. Did you arrive home at the time you expected?

* 10. Please rate your overall experience with Indian Trails on this trip: