Indata Project Questionnaire . 

This survey is being conducted to help our team redesign Easterseal's existing accessibility channel so that it can better suit the needs of its audience. Whenever "content" is mentioned in the survey it is regarding any media that was created by Easterseals. Your feedback is appreciated!

* 1. What Easterseals content do you consume most frequently?

* 2. Do you use any assistive technologies while interacting with Easterseals' content? If so, what technology do you use?

* 3. Do you use any physical assistive products while interacting with Easterseals' content? If so, what products do you use?

* 4. How do you access Easterseal's content?

* 5. Do you follow/subscribe to any of these Easterseals social media channels?

* 6. Were you aware that Easterseals has an extensive blog? If so, how did you hear about it?

* 7. Can you please share the process you go through in selecting the Easterseals content that you enjoy?

* 8. How do you decide which content you are interested in and want to click on?

* 9. Would you have a preferred method of notification for new content that is being produced by Easterseal's media team? If so, what would it be?

* 10. If you would like to continue participating in our research study, please provide your name and email address. We will send emails to you regarding the design research we are conducting in greater detail so that you can decide if you would like to participate. Your participation will further our understanding of Easterseals media by helping us understand how we can improve it and create deeper engagement