MENA IT User Satisfaction Survey

In effort to improve our IT services, you have been invited to participate in a brief survey to tell us how well our services are meeting your expectations. Your valuable feedback will help us improve our internal processes and provide you with better IT services.The data of this survey will be kept confidential.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.(Please note: the questions with red astrix are compulsory to respond)


* 1. Name (First,Middle,Last)

* 2. Your Weatherford Email address:

* 5. Are you aware of Weatherford's global IT Client Services email address : ?

* 6. Are you aware of the local IT or Regional IT Client Services Telephone number?


* 8. Please express the level of satisfaction with the following factors relating to IT Client Services.

  Dissatisfied Partially Satisfied Satisfied Not Applicable
Ease of contacting IT Client Services
Promptness of answering phone
Ability to understand your problem quickly
Follow up provided on the issue
Response time (amount of time taken from the moment you had reported your problem till the time the IT representative responded)
Resolution Time
Staff patience
Staff courtesy


* 9. Please express your level of satisfaction with the following MENA IT Services:

  Dissatisfied Partially Satisfied Satisfied Not Applicable
Network connectivity
Weatherford Email system
Telephone system
JDE Support
SAP Support
Windchill Support
Application Development Support

* 10. Are you aware of "eXplore"- MENA IT monthly newsletter which highlights latest updates on the IT services provided by MENA IT?


* 11. Would you like to subscribe to "eXplore" so that you receive it directly into your Outlook Inbox every month?

* 12. Overall how satisfied are you with MENA IT Services?

* 13. Do you have any additional comments about your experience with MENA IT or suggestions for continuous improvement?