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* 1. Please think how you learned this section. What did you find to be helpful? Please tick all that apply.

* 2. Please list the top 5 concepts that you learned in this module.

* 3. What concepts pose(d) difficulties for you? Please discuss, and also how you solved the difficulty if you did.

* 4. Explain as to a 6th grader, how a vortex sheet can be used to represent the effect of an airfoil on the flow. Especially explain the concept of varying vortex sheet strength along the sheet. What is the relation between the velocity values on either side of the sheet?

* 5. Why do you need a vortex sheet to represent an airfoil? Why not a single vortex, or just a line of sources and sinks?

* 6. Explain the fundamental equation of thin airfoil theory.

* 7. Why do we solve the "fundamental equation of thin airfoil theory"? Why not the Laplace equation, which is what describes potential flow? How do you reconcile this mystery?

* 8. Why does it make sense to transform coordinates from chordwise distance to the angle theta to solve the equation of thin airfoil theory?

* 9. Describe in words how, given the equation to the camber line of an airfoil, and the angle of attack, you would proceed to determine all the coefficients of the Fourier series representing the vortex sheet strength.

* 10. Why is thin airfoil theory insufficient to derive the details of the flow around the leading edge of an airfoil?