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To apply for the InSPIRE Foundation (InSPIRE) Board of Directors, please submit one of the following:
1.   Resume, curriculum vitae (CV), or LinkedIn Profile, including a Statement of Interest; OR

2.   A Completed Board Member Application (below).
If you have questions on the application process, please contact one of the following:
  • Bridget Petersen | | 651.641.2256
  • Scott Jax | | 651.641.2124


The InSPIREation Foundation (InSPIRE) mission is to fund meaningful financial literacy efforts that empower individuals and transform communities through knowledge, skills, and responsible decision making to attain financial freedom.

The Foundation is funded through the addition of Non-Voting Members, or donations from SPIRE Credit Union or other parties.  Individual financial support from Board members is not required.

All InSPIRE Board members are unpaid. The Board actively seeks new members who can contribute time, knowledge and valuable input to its projects.  There are two grant cycles per year in which applicants submit requests to fund projects that are financial literacy focused.  Each InSPIRE Board Member rates and reviews each grant application individually, and final winners are chosen at a group InSPIRE Board meeting.

InSPIRE Board members agree to freely give of their time and talents to the Board. Responsibilities include:
  • Attend regular meetings (approx. 6 per year: 2 hours each, generally on a weekday evening)
  • Review and rate grant applications (2 grant cycles annually)

Board Member Selection
The application process will have two purposes:
1.   Provide information on why you are interested in the InSPIRE; and
2.   Find the right individual with the necessary qualities and experience.

  • Learn more about InSPIRE at

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* 1. Upload a resume, curriculum vitae (CV), or LinkedIn Profile, including a Statement of Interest.

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* 5. Statement of Interest / Why are you interested in serving on the InSPIRE Board?

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* 6. Briefly explain skills and experience beneficial to InSPIRE.

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* 7. Provide a brief overview of any cooperative (Co-op) or credit union industry experience.

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* 8. Provide a brief overview of any past Board member experience.

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* 9. Briefly explain any other skills and experience beneficial to InSPIRE

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