Dear Reader,

The Library Board has formed a new Work Group to study and plan for the future of the library.

Our first task is to survey as many community members as possible, especially Village residents since the Village Board has such an impact on funding. We want to know and understand your thoughts and attitudes about the current library and what it could become in the future.

Please complete and return the following survey to us at your earliest convenience. If you’ve received this by email, just copy and paste the survey into your reply, complete it and hit Send.

Or you can go to the link in the cover letter and complete the survey online.

Thank you,
The Future of the Library Work Group
Teri Wallis, Jeff Reardon, Marcia Dressel (Board members)
Barb Wetzel, Vickie Jensen, Alyssa Notermann, Jan Haralson, Steve Schanback (members, Friends of the Library)
Nathan Deprey (Librarian)