Please tell us about your experience with using the Kindle plugin for Adobe InDesign. If you have not used the plugin or unintentionally opened the survey, you may click "Exit This Survey" at the top right to leave this page.

(1) What percentage of your complete catalogue do you convert with InDesign plugin?

(2) What percentage of your catalogue are media and / or layout heavy books?

(3) On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is Very Unsatisfied and 5 is Very Satisfied, How satisfied are you with the plugin in general?

(4) Do you use any post-conversions tools or process to improve the conversion quality?

(5) Select one of the following option you would prefer:

(6) What are the other software besides InDesign that you use for converting your books that you would like to see a plugin for? If you use other software for your conversion needs, how much of your content is converted using that tool and what is the process?

(7) Please list 3 plus points and 3 pain points about the plugin. If you do not use the plugin, please list 3 improvements that will convince you to start using it. (optional)

(8) What are the top 3 features in InDesign CS 5.5 that you see as most promising? (optional)

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