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Please note that immunization is not required, however, this declaration is mandatory for licensed childcare centres in B.C.
Immunization of Staff in Community Care Facilities 

Employees, volunteers and others working in a community care facility 

Applicants must complete and submit this form with their application. 

This document may also be used at the time of initial employment to record compliance with the British Columbia immunization and TB control program by employees, volunteers and others working in the community care facility. Staff immunization is not mandatory in community care facilities however it is strongly recommended as a best practice to protect staff and persons in care. Licensees must keep a record of each employee’s immunization history even if the immunization is incomplete. 

Child Care Licensing Regulation Section 21 
Residential Care Regulation Section 39(1) and Section 86

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* 3. I have read the recommended immunization schedule (see below) and to the best of my knowledge my immunization history is:

I am aware that I may be asked to remain absent from the facility in the event of a disease outbreak.
Recommended Immunization Schedule 

Recommended vaccines for health and childcare workers are identified in the Communicable Disease Control Immunization Program: Section III Immunization of Special Populations, available from the BC Centre for Disease Control website at manual/CDManualChap2.htm

Recommended vaccines for health and childcare workers

All routine vaccines 
  • Tetanus-diphtheria (Td), varicella, MMR 
  • Meningococcal C conjugate for those born on or after January 1, 1988
Polio Vaccine
  • Primary immunization is recommended for all health care workers (HCW). 
  • Administer a single booster dose 10 years after primary series 
  • Those who have not completed a full primary series should have the series completed, regardless of the interval since the last dose. 
  • Provided free.
Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Recommended and provided free by employers for: ∙HCWs who may be exposed to blood or body fluids, or who may be at increased risk of sharps injury, bites, or  penetrating injuries. 
  • Not recommended for child care workers except in exceptional circumstances where direct contact with infected blood or body fluids is a likely and ongoing risk. 
  • BC Ministry of Health provides free vaccine to students of health care professions. Refer to BC Communicable Disease Control Manual, Chapter 2, Section VII Biological Products
Influenza vaccine
  • Immunize yearly. 
  • Provided free.

1 For specific vaccine schedule information, refer to BC Communicable Disease Control Manual, Chapter 2, Section VII Biological Products . 

Source: BC Centre for Disease Control. Communicable Disease Control Immunization Program. Section III – Immunization of Special Populations. July 2009. p. 46.

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