Counties of Flagstaff and Paintearth; Communities of Halkirk, Castor, Coronation and Forestburg

As outlined within Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan the Province is seeking to “end coal pollution” by introducing more stringent and immediate limits on greenhouse gas emissions from coal operations. In practice this means the accelerated retirement of coal-fired power plants. The counties of Paintearth and Flagstaff; and the communities of Halkirk, Castor, Coronation and Forestburg are at the leading edge of communities/regions in Alberta concerned with  the potential socio-economic impacts of impending closure and how to best transition forward.

As an initial step in the process Urban Systems Ltd has been retained to undertake two specific investigations:

(1) the preparation of an impact investigation detailing what the short and long term social and economic impacts will be from the closure of the ATCO Battle River Generating Station and Paintearth Mine , i.e. what might be the scope and magnitude of impacts arising from  closures and how might these impacts ripple through the region?

(2) the preparation of an Asset Mapping and Opportunities Study highlighting the region’s unique assets and opportunities that could provide a foundation for future development, i.e. considering the potential impacts of the possible closures, how might the region realistically move forward by building on local assets and capitalizing on credible opportunities.

This survey is an important part of both of these exercises.

Thank you for taking the time and providing your valuable input!