To teachers, librarians, booksellers, parents: I'm trying to make the I'M BORED Bonus Page ( useful and interesting to young readers as possible. I currently have print-ready activity sheets, curriculum activities, tips for young writers & illustrators and a "How I'm Bored Was Created" photo essay. I welcome suggestions for other activity sheets and I'M BORED-themed content!

Please note that this form is not for class letters or reader letters (sorry, but the volume of my current e-mail makes it a challenge to keep up as is). I'd be delighted to respond to class and reader letters, but only if they are sent by surface mail. If you have an online link to share, however (e.g. reader-made videos or other content that can't be shared by snailmail), feel free to share the link here. I promise not to post it publicly without getting your permission, so make sure you include a valid e-mail address -- thanks!

Thank you for your time. -- Debbie

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