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As part of Kenai Christian Church’s 3-year strategy to Ignite New, Deep and Next-Gen Relationships, we need to understand where we are currently. This survey is a starting point for you to be involved and become an active contributor to that strategy. 
Prior to starting this survey, we humbly ask you to pray, be transparent and be thoughtful. 
First, pray. Pray that the Holy Spirit will humble your heart and guide your mind as you wrestle with these questions. 
Second, be honest. This survey is anonymous and is intended to be that way. While one may want to select the “right” answer, that is not the point. Honest responses help us gather an honest assessment of where we are. This is not a tool for judgment but a tool for introspection and planning a path forward. 
Lastly, listen. Listen for the Holy Spirit’s conviction. As you answer these questions, consider your relationships that are new, deeper and next generation. 
We look forward to these responses and are excited for what God has in store for us at KCC. 
Questions are one response unless otherwise noted.  Please choose the answer you think fits “best”.  If you are struggling with any of the questions or need some clarification please reach out to Myles Sansotta, Dave Daniel, Adam Meyers, or anyone on the Discipleship Team.  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work alongside as you respond to the survey.
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