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Thank you for agreeing to take part in this short survey, which should take you no longer than ten minutes to complete. This new survey is part of a research initiative we are undertaking as sponsors of the IOSH 2015 Annual Conference in London.

The survey is split into four sections:

1. You and your organisation
2. Delivering value through great risk management
3. Global standards and benchmarks
4. Competencies and qualifications

Please complete as many of the sections as you are able to, skipping those questions you do not know the answers to. Your answers will remain anonymous and reported only at an aggregated level.

In exchange for your participation, we will be very pleased to provide you with a copy of the summary report in July 2015. Please remember to enter your email address for us to send this report through to you.

Please note that individual responses to the survey will remain confidential. Findings will be aggregated and it will not be possible to identify individual survey responses in the published results.

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David Sharp
Managing Director, International Workplace

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