Tell us about your property progress

We need your help to monitor which insurance companies are doing well for us, which are not, and why.

EQC and insurance companies are publicly reporting and congratulating their own progress. We know that our previous Survey (2012) pushed insurers into being more responsive. Our 2014 Survey means to keep them on their toes. We need your information to help us do that.

Over three years on, are you repaired? Rebuilt? Making progress? Or not?

The only way we can be sure of progress is to collect our own data -- with your help.

This survey has some overlap with the earlier one, but also has new questions to help identify specific stages towards recovery. If you own more than one property, please complete a survey for each.

Please use the comments boxes to tell us what’s happening -- your own personal circumstances provide valuable information and background. (Unless you give express permission, all identifiable responses and comments will be strictly confidential to us.)

Ongoing results and news will be posted on community noticeboards, newsletters and through the website, press releases and reports.

Lastly, but most important, this survey relates to your experiences from 2014 -- that is, tell us what's happening now with your insurance situation and your rebuild or repair.

Thank you very much for your time and participation.
All the best from the team

* 1. Where is your property?

* 2. Your property status now ?

* 3. Who confirmed your property status?

* 4. What is, or was the option for your property?

* 5. Who decided your property option?

* 6. Have you had a fully-costed assessment/scope of works done by EQC?

* 7. Do you have outstanding LAND claims with EQC?
(eg retaining walls, land remediation)

* 8. Do you have outstanding PROPERTY claims with EQC?
(eg apportionment of damage: which earthquake caused what damage)

* 9. If your repair is UNDER the EQC cap, are you with Fletchers EQR, or have you opted out?

* 10. Who are you insured with?

* 11. Has your insurer assigned you a specific case manager or contact person?

* 12. Has your insurance company or their project management office completed an on-site assessment?

* 13. Has your insurer given you their Scope or Works (SOW) or a Damage Repair Analysis (DRA)? (These are several pages listing all parts of your house structure, and relevant damage)

* 14. If you are confirmed REPAIR, where are you in the process?

* 15. If you are a confirmed REBUILD, have you and your insurer formally agreed to your preferred option (i.e. rebuild in place, rebuild elsewhere, cash settlement)?

* 16. If you are confirmed REBUILD, where are you in the process?
(You can select more than one)

* 17. Are you experiencing delays towards your repair or rebuild?

* 18. If you answered YES above, did your insurer provide one or more of the following reasons?
(You can select more than one)

* 19. Have you RECENTLY (since 2013) encountered any of the following from your insurer?
(You can select more than one)

* 20. Are you in dispute about your property status?

* 21. Does your dispute require legal assistance?

* 22. Have you received any of the following?
(You can select more than one)

* 23. In relation to your rebuild/repair, how would you rate your insurer now?

  Awful Poor OK Good Excellent
Communicating with you?
Responding to you?
Rate of progress?

* 24. Do you plan to change your insurance company in future?

* 25. Contact information (optional)
This allows us compare your current, future and previous (if applicable) survey response. Any identifiable information will be kept confidential.

* 26. Any final comments?

Thanks again for your time. Please submit this page by clicking the Submit button below, and you're done!
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