Please complete all questions below and be sure to have your transcripts and at least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member mailed to us by March 1, 2013.

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* 10. Please describe your education and career goals.

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* 12. Please share why you are interested in this summer research opportunity.

* 13. List personal qualities, research and/or technical skills that may enhance your research experience

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* 15. The following projects are available for our Summer Research Opportunities in Computing program. Please indicate your top 5 interests in order of priority. #1 = first choice, #5, 5th choice. Only choose 5 options!

  first preference second preference third preference fourth preference fifth preference
Personalized Medicine (
Image Analysis and social image classification (
Algorithms and analysis environment supporting radar data on ice sheets (
Analyzing and visualizing genomic data (
Developing MOOC (Massively Online Open Course) curricula in Data Science (
Cyberfraud and censorship (
This project will analyze next-generation sequence data from evolved populations of the virulent microbe, Serratia marcescens.(
Intelligent user interfaces for robot grasping via smartphone (
Learning to climb a ladder with the Hubo humanoid robot (
Security and privacy in pervasive and mobile computing, privacy in social networks (
The student will work with the Truthy team ( in the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research ( on problems related to the analysis and visualization of meme diffusion networks and patterns, on the detection of misleading information, and on models of information diffusion in social media. Familiarity with Unix, comfort with management of big data, and knowledge of python, javascript, and/or other programming and scripting languages and frameworks is highly desirable. (
Cloud Storage and Programming Models (
Mining for gene-disease relationships. The project is about reading scientific papers and extracting gene-disease associations from published articles. Basic ability to use computers are necessary. For example, Excel would be useful (but not mandatory).(
Text mining for ranking of entities. The idea is to process large amounts of text data and devise mechanisms to rank objects mentioned in documents. Programming is required. C/C++ and Matlab would be good basis, but knowledge of other languages (Python, Perl, R) would be okay too.(
Modeling and Estimating Musical Expression using the Bosendorfer Reproducing Piano (
Social sensing with mobile robots: here we are using various sensors (IR, light, vibration, noise, etc.) to give mobile robots a sense of the social environment they are in, particularly the kinds of social activities people around them might be doing. Students could be working on some prototyping with Arduino microcontrollers, as well as coding and human-robot interaction experiments. (
Therapeutic effects of a seal-like robot in a nursing home: we are doing studies with the robot seal PARO in the nursing home to figure out best use practices and study its effects on older adults with varying levels of dementia. Students might participate in field studies, as well as code collected data which includes interviews, observational notes, etc. (
Emotional display and perception with a minimalist robot face: we designed a robot face prototype, which we are using for studies on how people read emotions in robot faces. We will also be giving the robot face more interactive capabilities, wherein it could perceive what people are doing. Students could work on experiments, running subjects, or on the development of the robot's perceptual capabilities (e.g. vision). (
Web archive of robot history interviews: we are developing a web archive of oral history interviews we did with robotics pioneers and need help working with the video (editing, putting it online, etc.) and coding transcripts. (
Parallel Programming with Supercomputers (
GPU Accelerators for Science Applications (
Speeding up Codes with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (
Testing a New Programming Interface for Exascale (
Gene expression analysis in drug-resistant cancer cell lines (
Impact of epigenetic status on gene expression in Arabidopsis (
Security and privacy in cloud computing and smartphones (
Security Health Informatics (
Managing and querying graph data (

* 16. How did you hear about this summer research internship opportunity?

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* 18. I certify that all of the statements in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a false or incomplete answer may be grounds for not considering me or for my dismissal.