IUMRS appreciates your participation in this Survey on the Evolution of Scientific Publishing

NOTE: This survey had been CLOSED after 10 months of successful collection of responses and report publication. See the report HERE. A limited number of post-report responses can still be accepted. Please continue if you are interested in contributing your opinions.
The International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) is an association of Materials Research Societies from around the world. Each member of those societies is a researcher who publishes the results of research and relies on the scientific literature to learn about the results of others. Many protocols and traditions in the publishing process have arisen over a century or more, but the recent advent of electronic resources and demands for open access to research reports and data has greatly complicated this vital aspect of an individual scientist's or engineer's job as well as the entire fabric of our society's science and technology enterprise.  
Your opinions, when aggregated with many other responses to this survey, will give us all a fresh perspective on scientific publishing from the very people who are most closely affected by it.
The second question of the survey is where you will indicate your own role in scientific publishing. You will then be guided to questions relevant to that role. The number of questions is indicated in the list of roles.  They should take no more than five to ten minutes to complete. 
* Questions preceded by an asterisk require a response. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you play more than one distinct role in Scientific Publishing, you may return to the survey entry link after completing the survey for your first role to choose another role.
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